How to Turn Skype Off at Computer Startup

by Ken White

Skype is a free voice-over-Internet-protocol program that lets you make voice calls, text chats and video calls, or call wired and wireless phones for a per-minute fee. The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as iPhones and devices that use the Android and Symbian operating systems. Like many programs, Skype can be configured to load automatically when you boot into Windows. You can disable autoloading from the Skype login screen.


Open Skype. Click "File," then "Sign Out" to log out of your Skype account if you automatically log in when Skype starts.


Select your account from the "Skype Name" drop-down menu. Enter your password in the text field. Click the check box next to "Start Skype When the Computer Starts" to uncheck it.


Right-click the Skype icon in the System Tray, and click "Quit." The next time you boot into Windows, Skype will not automatically start.

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