How to Turn Off the "Remember Password" Feature in Windows

by Qiana Eaglin
computer keyboard image by Tom Curtis from Fotolia.com

On Windows systems, you can choose to disable your Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) from remembering your password. In Internet Explorer, the AutoComplete feature can manage your password and other commonly entered information. By default, your passwords will not be remembered. In contrast, by default, the Firefox browser remembers your passwords. You must turn off this feature if you do not want your passwords to be remembered.

In an Internet Explorer Browser

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Click "Tools" > "Internet Options".

Step 3

Click the Content tab.

Step 4

Under the AutoComplete section, click "Settings."

Clear the "User names and passwords on forms" check box and then click "OK." Click "OK" again.

In a Firefox Browser

Step 1

Open Firefox.

Step 2

Click "Tools" > "Options".

Step 3

Click the Security panel.

Clear the "Remember passwords for sites" check box, and then click "OK."


  • To delete any stored passwords in Internet Explorer, click "General" in the "Internet Options" window. Under Browsing history, click "Delete".
  • To delete any saved passwords in Firefox, click "Privacy"in the Options window. Select the "Clear history when Firefox closes" option and then click "Settings." In the Data section, select the "Saved Passwords" option.


  • In Internet Explorer, the AutoComplete feature is convenient, but it does not securely store your passwords. Your passwords are stored unencrypted on your computer. This could leave your passwords unprotected and could leave you vulnerable to security attacks.

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