How to Turn Printed Words Into Cursive

by Susan Abe

Cursive script is best used when related to social events, such as party invitations, wedding invitations, baby announcements and quick informal notes to friends. It is attractive and elegant and draws the recipient's attention immediately. You can turn printed words into a playful or elegant cursive script depending upon your preference. It is not, however, appropriate for legal documents, formal letters or research papers.

Locate the document originally written in a printed font.

Place the cursor in front of the word or group of words you want to turn into cursive writing. Click, drag and highlight the words you want to change or highlight the entire document.

Move your cursor to the toolbar across the top of the screen. Click "Font" to show a drop-down box of available fonts on your computer. Scroll down the list until you find the cursive font you want and highlight its name. Click and release to change your printed words into cursive writing.


  • check Because of difficulties with punctuation and numbers, cursive writing is best used on a limited social basis and never for a formal paper, technical summary or business letter.


  • close Many cursive or decorative fonts do not translate punctuation marks or numbers and often leave odd boxes in their place. You need to individually change each of these marks back into recognizable punctuation and numbers.

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