How to Turn a PDF File Into a Doc File

by Jacqui Lane

PDF files are an efficient way of sharing documents between users without worrying about file compatibility or loss of formatting. Editing a PDF, however, requires that you convert it to a text format first. You can copy and paste the text from the document into Word, but that method alters the formatting and doesn’t copy the images from the PDF. The easiest way to turn a PDF into a Word document is to use a free online conversion program.


Navigate to This site allows you to upload a PDF file and convert it to a doc file such as Word. If you need to convert a PDF to a different file type, you can click on the navigational links along the top of the site to find options for converting your PDFs to plain text, images or HTML documents, as well as the option to convert a text or Word file to PDF.


Click "Browse" and select the PDF that you want to convert to a doc file.


Click "Upload" and "Convert."


Click "Download" and select "Save File." Choose the location where you would like to save the converted document and click "Save."


  • check The conversion process is imperfect, and you will notice some formatting errors in the finished document. If you plan to print the document, take a moment to proofread it and correct any issues with line spacing or page breaks that may have occurred.

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