How to Turn Off Voice Mail on an iPhone

By Brandon Getty

Avoid roaming charges while abroad by disabling voicemail.
i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

The iPhone's Visual Voicemail can be a very helpful feature, especially if you rely on your phone for scheduling appointments or contacting clients. However, leaving your voicemail activated while traveling abroad will result in unwanted data roaming charges. The steps below will work for your iPhone if it is connected to AT&T or most other major U.S. carriers. If you are unable to disable voicemail, contact the customer service branch of your particular carrier.

Step 1

Tap the "Phone" icon on your iPhone's home screen. Enter "*#61#" and tap "Call" to determine the number of your voice mailbox. Record this number.

Step 2

Tap the "Settings" icon on your home screen. Once the menu opens, select "Phone" and then "Call Forwarding." Enter the number of your voice mailbox in the field. Exit the menu to save your settings.

Step 3

Return to the phone's keypad. Enter "#404" and tap "Call" to disable your voicemail function. Thereafter, you will need to call your voice mailbox to check for any messages that have been left for you.

Step 4

Enable divert options if desired. After you disable your voicemail, type "#61#" to enable a "no answer" divert; "62" for a "not reachable" divert; or "67" for a "busy" divert.

Step 5

Reactivate your voicemail by entering "*004#" and pressing "Call."