How to Turn Off USB Debugging

by Steven Hill

Devices powered by the Android operating system, such as various smart phones, come with a "USB Debugging" application easily enabled or disabled. The default setting of this application is in the "enabled" mode. This assists people developing Android device-related hardware and software in tracking down and eliminating bugs. When plugging your Android smart phone via the universal serial bus into other devices such as computers, the "USB Debugger" may prevent a proper connection or cause an annoying pop-up screen. Turn off the "USB Debugging" application to prevent these problems.

Step 1

Turn on your Android-based smart phone.

Step 2

Press your phone's "Menu" button.

Step 3

Scroll over to "Applications" and press your "Enter" key. If you have a touch screen device, press the "Applications" icon with your finger.

Step 4

Scroll over to "Development." Click your "Enter" key or tap the "Development" icon.

Scroll down to "USB Debugging." Remove the check from the box beside it to disable USB debugging on your Android smart phone.


  • The exact location of the "USB Debugging" application may differ slightly depending on phone model. Find your phones "Applications" settings to locate the application.

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