How to Turn Off the Subscript

By Mark Koltko-Rivera

Superscripts appear in word processing documents as parts of footnotes, mathematical formulas and so forth. Sometimes, in attempting to edit a document near a superscript, the text you add will continue to show up in superscript form rather than as normal text. The issue becomes how to turn off and/or undo the superscripting.

Highlight the text that should not be superscripted. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text that needs to be made normal, and, while holding down the "Shift" tap the "Right Arrow" key until all the text to be made normal is highlighted. Let go of the "Shift" key.

Find the place on your word processing menu that contains the command for making a superscript. For example, in Microsoft Word, this is part of the Font menu. It shows a superscript command is enabled; this might show up as a check in a box labeled "Superscript" or as a highlighted icon, such as "X" with a superscripted '2' to show "X squared."

Undo the superscript command. For example, uncheck the box labeled "Superscript" or tap the "X squared" icon to remove the highlight.