How to Turn Off Special Offers on Kindle

By Erica Kasper

If you're tired of seeing Kindle Special Offers, you can take steps to remove them.
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Amazon’s Kindle readers and tablets are a great way to enjoy books, movies and apps anywhere you go. Kindles come with a wide variety of features, and in some cases, they also come with ads called Special Offers. Special Offers are made up of sponsored screensavers, e-book offers and other Amazon-specific advertisements that appear on the Kindle’s screen when it is in sleep mode or, in the case of the Kindle Fire, on the lock screen. These offers help subsidize the cost of the devices. While the ads are not particularly intrusive, you may wish to remove them from your Kindle.

To Remove Kindle Special Offers, You’ll Have to Pay

If you see Special Offers on your Kindle, it was purchased with those Special Offers in place so that the device itself would cost less. If you wish to remove the Special Offers, you will have to pay a one-time fee to unsubscribe from the ads. To do this, log in to Amazon and visit “Manage My Kindle” (full link in Resources). Click “Your Kindle Account” and select “Manage Your Devices.” Choose your device and find the “Special Offers” option, then click “Edit” and follow the steps to unsubscribe from your Special Offers. The cost of unsubscribing will appear on the screen before you confirm your action so that you can be sure you want to pay it before committing to the cost (typically, it costs $15 to $30 for this action, depending on which model of Kindle you have, as of November 2013). If you agree to the payment, your predetermined One-Click payment method will be charged and you’ll receive an email summary of your decision to opt out of Special Offers. The next time you sync your Kindle on a wireless network, the ads will be gone.

Version Disclaimer

Information in this article applies to and Amazon Kindle devices in use as of November 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.