How to Turn Off the SonicWALL Filter

By Ruri Ranbe

If you need a solution to bypass SonicWALL settings, a Web proxy server will do the job.
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The content filter on your SonicWALL appliance adds parental controls to your network to prevent users from accessing harmful or adult-oriented websites. Depending on how the content filter is configured, however, it can also restrict access to safe or useful websites, including those that provide online banking services or instant messaging capabilities. If you don't need the content filter or just want to turn it off temporarily, you can do so from the SonicWALL Management Interface, accessible from your Web browser.

Step 1

Type "" (without quotation marks) into the address bar of your Web browser, and then press "Enter" to open the SonicWALL Management Interface.

Step 2

Enter your administrative credentials or type "admin" into the Username field and "password" into the Password field if you have not yet created a custom login.

Step 3

Expand "Network" and then click "Zones." Click "Edit This Entry" (the pencil icon) next to a zone -- such as "LAN" for your wired network, "WLAN" for your wireless network or "VPN" for virtual connections -- to open the Edit Zone dialog box.

Step 4

Clear the "Enforce Content Filtering Service" check box and then click "OK."