How to Turn Off Silent Mode on a Samsung Slider

By Alan Sembera

Use silent mode to avoid cell phone interruptions.
i Allan Danahar/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Silent mode prevents your Samsung slider from ringing when you get an incoming call or text. To turn silent mode off or on, slide open the phone while it is on, and hold down the "#" key. When the slash disappears from the speaker icon on the screen, silent mode is off. You can also turn off silent mode or switch to vibrate mode through your phone's sound settings.

Sound Settings

Press the left directional button on the slider cover to activate your phone's menu. Select "Settings," "Sound" and then "Silent Mode." From this screen, you have three options. You can set silent mode to "Off," or you can select "Mute" to turn silent mode on. Select "Vibrate" if you want the phone to vibrate instead of ring while silent mode is off. Press the left directional button to save the change.

Models Covered

Information in this article applies to the Samsung E-2550 Monte Slide, Samsung E2600 and Samsung E2350B. It may vary with other models.