How to Turn the Speakers Off on a Pioneer Plasma TV

By David Lipscomb

Turning off the speakers on a Pioneer plasma TV is a quick menu operation.
i frischer saft tv image by Silvia Bogdanski from

Modern plasma displays focus on video as the main performance talking point, and for good reason--high definition plasmas are better than ever. Pioneer definitely focuses on video performance and has had a reputation as one of the premier video manufacturers for years. Turning off the speakers in a Pioneer plasma might be something you want to do if you happen to have a better than average home stereo through which you want to pipe your audio.

Press "Setup" on the TV's remote control. Navigate to the "Picture" sub-menu using the center keys on the remote.

Scroll to "AV Selection" in the "Picture" menu. Navigate to the "Sound Control" function located within this sub-menu.

Highlight "Off" in the "Sound Control" menu. The speakers are now disabled. Press the "Home Menu" button to exit the setup process.