How to Turn Off MS Office Updates

by Mark Pool

Microsoft Office is updated automatically by a system similar to, but separate from, the Windows Update system. It's important to have an updated copy of all the programs on your computer, including MS Office. That allows you to have a secure system. In some cases you may prefer to install these updates manually at a time they choose, instead of automatically. The procedure to disable automatic updates is the same for Windows XP/Vista/7 and versions of MS Office 2000 and later.

Open the Microsoft Update site in Internet Explorer 6 or later.

Click "Change Settings," and scroll down to find the "Disable Microsoft Update software and let me use Windows Update only" checkbox. Click the checkbox to enable it.

Click "Apply changes now" and click "Yes" when prompted with the continue message.


  • check Microsoft Office updates can be manually downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Download Center.
  • check Set a reminder in Outlook or your calendar program so you don't forget to manually download updates.
  • check You can also subscribe to Microsoft Technical Security Notifications to stay up to date on new vulnerabilities.


  • close Disabling Microsoft Update will disable all automatic MS Office updates, including security updates. This could leave your system vulnerable to viruses, malware and hackers if you don't install security updates manually as they become available.

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