How to Turn off a Mac Start-Up Sound

by John Ford

The Mac start-up chime is music to almost every Mac user's ears, but there are times when you might not want it to chirp up. When working in a quiet environment such as a library, silencing the Mac start-up sound is a godsend.

The StartupSoundPrefPane installer package

Download the StartupSoundPrefPane from the website link listed below under Resources. Double-click the "StartupSoundPrefPane11b2.dmg" disk image file to mount the disk image. Double-click on the mounted "StartupSoundPrefPane" installer package and follow the instructions to install the software. You will need an administrator user name and password to install the preference pane.

Launch System Preferences

Click the "Apple Menu" in the upper-left corner of the Mac menu bar and select "System Preferences." Release the mouse click to launch System Preferences.


Click the "Startup Sound" icon in "System Preferences." This icon is listed under "Other" in the preferences.

Startup Sound volume control and

There are two options in the "Startup Sound" Preference pane. Click the "Turn on Startup Volume Control" to make sure the check box is selected. To turn off the start-up sound, move the "Startup Volume" all the way to the left, or select the "Mute" button check box to mute the start-up sound entirely. Your Mac will no longer chime with a start-up sound.

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