How to Turn Off Caller ID Blocking

by Maya Walker
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Caller ID blocking is a feature that is offered by phone carriers. Caller ID blocking allows you to block your number when you call another phone. If you opt to block your information from displaying when you call someone, "Unavailable" or "Unknown" will be displayed instead. Although blocking your called ID information is considered a good idea by many, it can be a hindrance. Some people do not accept calls from blocked numbers. Knowing how to turn off caller ID blocking can help you to get your call through when it is important.

Step 1

Pick up your phone and listen for the dial tone.

Step 2

Press *82 on your dial pad and wait for two quick beeps. You must dial *82 before each call in order to allow your information to be displayed to the person you are calling.

Dial the phone number of the person you are calling. Hang up the phone following the call. Caller ID blocking is automatically reactivated once you hang up the phone.


  • Caller ID blocking can be removed from your line at your request if you do not want to press *82 every time you make a call to a number that does not accept blocked calls. You can use *67 on a per-call basis to block your number in the future if you choose.


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