How to Turn off a 30 GB iPod Video

by Pat Smith
Jaime Case

The 5th generation 30 GB iPod, known informally as the iPod video, was manufactured between 2005 and 2007. IPods last for years, and while yours may still be going strong, one of the early signs of a malfunctioning iPod is difficulty turning it off. In theory, the device turns off at the push of a button, but sometimes this doesn't work. You may need to do a soft reset to turn it off. Don't worry, it won't harm your data.

Step 1

Set the "Hold" button on the top left of the device to off. You'll see a white color underneath it, not red.

Step 2

Hold down the "Play" button located at the bottom of the click wheel for several seconds. If this doesn't work, press the center button once or twice to choose a song, and then hold down the "Play" button again. This often is enough to cause your iPod to turn off.

Step 3

Do a soft reset by switching the "Hold" button back and forth several times. Then hold down the center button and the "Menu" button located at the top of click wheel for 10 seconds or so. The iPod will turn off. You'll see the Apple logo, and the iPod will turn back on again.

Hold down the play button again to turn off the device.


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