How to Turn on a Nintendo DS

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The Nintendo DS has undergone several revisions since the original model was released in 2004. The Nintendo DS Lite featured bigger screens but a slimmed-down package, while the DSi XL bulked up for even larger screens and more features. All Nintendo DS models include an internal rechargeable battery that generally lasts for 6 to 20 hours of continuous game play on a single charge, depending on the model. The location of the DS power button also varies by model.

Step 1

Open the Nintendo DS console so that both screens are visible.

Step 2

Press the power button located above the directional pad on the left side of the lower screen on an original Nintendo DS model to turn it on.

Step 3

Slide the power button on the right edge of the lower screen of a Nintendo DS Lite toward the hinge of the console and then release the button to turn on the power.

Step 4

Press the power button beneath the directional pad on the left side of the lower screen of Nintendo DSi and DSi XL models to power them on.

Press the power button near the lower-right corner of the bottom screen to power on a 3DS console.


  • Plug your DS console's AC adapter into the AC adapter connector, which is located on the back of the lower screen on all DS models, to charge the battery.


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