How to Turn on an MP3 Player

by Melissa Worcester
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The iPod is the most well-known portable media player, there are several other popular MP3 players. In order to make these devices compact and portable, many of the controls do double-duty, and they can be confusing to use when you first get one. If your model doesn't come with a printed manual, check the manufacturer's website; you can download one there that will tell you how to use it.

Step 1

Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the top left and wait until the Apple logo comes on the screen to turn on an iPod Touch. If your iPod Touch has become locked due to inactivity, press the home button or the sleep/wake button and then adjust the slider. To turn on an iPod Classic, an iPod Nano, or an iPod Mini, press any of the buttons. Some iPod Shuffle models have a switch on the top that slides in one direction, and others have a three-way switch that you must slide until it is shaded green.

Step 2

Turn on your Zune player by pressing and holding the play/pause button till you see the screen turn on. The play/pause button is on the right, above the large round "Zune pad" and below the screen. It has a triangle/arrow pointing to the right and two vertical lines that are the pause symbol.

Turn on your Sansa Fuze or your Sansa Clip by sliding and holding the sliding power button until the screen comes on. Older Sansa MP3 players turn on in a similar manner, except you might press and hold the power button instead of sliding and holding, depending on which model you have.


  • Most MP3 players can be turned off by doing the same thing that turned them on. Many of them will also automatically turn off after a few minutes of inactivity, as a way to save the battery.

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