How to Turn on the Microphone on a Sony Vaio

by Scott Shpak

As a product line running the Windows 8 platform, Sony's Vaio computers control both internal and external microphones through Windows' Sound options. Any installed mics can be turned on in the Recording tab.


Connect an accessory microphone to your Vaio computer, if you're not using a built-in microphone. The microphone input jack will have a matching icon or, in the case of some sound cards, will be color-coded pink. Press the mic plug fully into the jack. Subsequent steps are the same for internal and external mics.


Open Control Panel and type "sound" in the search box, and then click "Sound." Click the "Recording" tab and click on the microphone in the list of audio input devices the corresponds to the mic you want to turn on. Click "Properties" and select the "Levels" tab. Click the mute button to remove the red circle, if it appears, and move the volume slider off of 0. You can fine-tune this setting later. Click "Apply" to return to the Sound window.


Click "Set Default" to set your microphone as your default sound input device. Any program using the microphone will now automatically select this mic. Click "OK" to close the Sound window.

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