How to Turn on My McAfee AntiVirus Scan

By Brad Stewart

Activation of your McAfee product is quick and easy.
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The McAfee AntiVirus software program is designed to protect home, school or business computers. In order to activate it, your McAfee software requires a unique product activation code. Activation protects the seller from unauthorized use and ensures that your product is registered so that you receive timely security updates. Activation of your McAfee AntiVirus software is a simple procedure that can be completed in minutes.

Navigate your web browser to the McAfee homepage (see Resources). Click on the "My Account" button and type in the email address and password used when you purchased your McAfee product.

Download your McAfee AntiVirus software. Open and run the installer.

Enter your unique activation code. This was provided to you when you purchased the product. Click on the "\Activate" button. McAfee is now activated on your computer.