How to Turn a Kindle Fire to English Settings

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The menu and interface on the Kindle Fire can be displayed in one of several languages. As soon as you save your new settings, the new language will be displayed. The Kindle Fire can be configured to use French, Canadian French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and both US and UK English. The device doesn't need to be connected to the Internet for changes to take affect.

Step 1

Slide down the top menu and then tap "More." The "More" icon is a gray plus sign inside a white circle, located at the far right of the icon list at the top of the slide-down menu.

Step 2

Select "Language & Keyboard." It's the fourth item in the list of the "Settings" menu that opens when you tap "More."

Step 3

Tap "Device Language," which is the first option on the "Language & Keyboard" menu. The language currently active on the device is listed under "Device Language."

Click "English (United States)," which is the second option in the menu. If you'd rather use UK English, tap "English (United Kingdom)," which is the first menu option. The Kindle Fire will activate the new language as soon as you tap it.


  • To download a new dictionary, you need to be connected to the Internet.


  • Changing the language on the Kindle Fire doesn't change the dictionary language. To download a dictionary, highlight a word in a text that's in the language for which you want a dictionary. Select the language name and then choose your preferred language to download the right dictionary.


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