How to Turn an HP Scan Into Word

By S.C. Palmer

Rather than retyping a paper, scan a printed copy and turn it into a Word file.
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If you have a paper you've printed and lost the original Word file (DOC) for, retyping the piece is an annoyance. Rather than retyping these files, there's an easier way to convert them into digital documents. Microsoft Office Document Imaging, which is included with every version of Office, lets you turn printed files into Microsoft Word documents using a Hewlett-Packard (HP) scanner. This gives you more time to refine your work rather than wasting time retyping it.

Place the printed paper in your HP scanner and close the lid. Press the "Scan" button. Once it has scanned, use the HP scanning software to crop the file and make sure it displays correctly on the screen. Save the file as a TIFF. Repeat this process for every page of the printed document.

Open Microsoft Office Document Imaging by finding it under "Start," "All Programs," "Microsoft Office" and "Microsoft Office Tools." If you haven't installed it, place the Microsoft Office installation disc into your optical drive. When the installation window pops up, select "Add or Remove Features," and under "Office Tools" choose "Microsoft Office Document Imaging." Select "Run All From My Computer" and allow the installation to run.

Press "File" in Microsoft Office Document Imaging and select "Insert File." Select the TIFF file and press "OK." Repeat this for every scanned page.

Press the "Send Text to Word" button in the toolbar. This button looks like a piece of paper with the Microsoft Word logo in the middle. When the dialog box pops up, press "OK." Let the conversion process run. This may take a while depending on the size of the document.

Read over the document after its been converted to Word. If there are smudges or scribbles on the document, there might be some mistakes. Check for errors before saving the file.