How to Turn off the Autofocus on the HD Microsoft Lifecam 5000

By Michael Hines

The Microsoft LiveCam HD-5000 is a high-definition Web camera designed specifically for desktop PCs. The LiveCam HD-5000 outputs video at 720p and has two unique features, Auto Focus and True Color, which are both meant to enhance picture quality. Although it is designed to enhance picture quality, the Auto Focus feature can sometimes do more harm than good, occasionally interrupting video feeds to refocus the picture. If this becomes a big enough problem, don't worry as you can disable the Auto Focus feature.

Step 1

Start your Microsoft LiveCam HD-5000 software.

Step 2

Click on the small blue tab on the right-side of the screen once the software loads. Clicking on the blue tab opens up the camera's dashboard. The dashboard will appear on the side of the screen and be filled with icons.

Step 3

Navigate to the top of the dashboard and click on the "Settings" button to open the "Settings" menu. The "Settings" button has a picture of a blue gear on it and is located next to the button with the yellow star.

Step 4

Scroll down the "Settings" menu and click on the checked-off "TrueColor" box. Click on the "Properties" button after you have removed the check from the "TrueColor" box to open up the properties menu.

Step 5

Click on the "Camera Control" tab within the properties menu. Scroll down to the "Focus" setting and remove the check in the box by clicking on it. Click the "Apply" button located on the bottom of the "Properties" menu to turn off the autofocus feature.