How to Turn Off GPS Locations on Your Cell Phone

By Kenyonda Bradley

Turn off the GPS feature on your mobile phone to preserve your cell phone battery.
i holding mobile phone image by Adam Borkowski from

Turning off the GPS location on your mobile phone will prevent you from using GPS-capable programs, such as a mobile navigating app. On the other hand, disabling the GPS locator on your mobile phone may preserve your cell phone battery and prevent other phones from pinpointing your whereabouts. Turning off GPS on most phones requires that you disable the feature from the settings menu.

Open the "Settings" or "Options" menu on your mobile phone.

Select the option for "Location," "GPS" or "Maps."

Select the "Disable" option. Depending upon the model of your mobile phone, you may need to press the "Menu" key and select "Disable" or "Off."

Press "OK" or the "Save" key to complete the task.