How to Turn a Photo Into a Cartoon Using Gimp Free Photo Editing Software

by Contributor

You can have fun and turn a photo into a cartoon image. But photo-editing software usually has a steep learning curve. One of the most powerful photo-editing applications is Gimp, which is free software. Gimp allows you to "cartoonize" your photo.


Open Gimp. If you don't have Gimp, you can download it from


From the "File" menu, open the photo you want to cartoonize. The image will appear in Gimp's main window.


Select "Filter," "Artistic" and "Cartoon." A window containing a cartoon version of the photo will appear.


Adjust the "Mask" and "Percent" sliders in the Cartoon window to modify the photo. After obtaining the desired results, click "OK."


Save the cartoon image. You can make further adjustments to the cartoon photo you have created by playing around with the different options in the "Colors" link near the top right corner of Gimp.


  • check Gimp photo editing software is 100% free and extremely safe to download. The software rivals Photoshop in its ease of use, and many graphics pros create professional work using Gimp.