How to Turn Off Form Fields in MS Word (3 Steps)

By Marlon Trotsky

There are three types of form fields in Word: text, check box and drop-down form fields.
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Microsoft Word offers users three types of form fields to gather information: text form fields, check box form fields and drop-down form fields. Which form field you employ depends on what kind of information you want to solicit. For example, the text form field is designed to collect information when delineated choices exist. Conversely, the drop-down form offers respondents a list of choices. The check box form allows the respondent to choose from one or more responses from a series. If you don't need form fields in your document, it is easy to turn them off.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word by double-clicking on the desktop icon. Click "File," then "Open" to pull up the document you want to turn off the form fields in.

Step 2

Turn on the forms toolbar by going to "View" and opening the "Toolbars" submenu. Click on "Forms" to bring up the toolbar.

Step 3

Click on the "Office" button, then go to "Word Options." Click on "Advanced" and uncheck the option to display field codes. The process is essentially the same in earlier versions of Word. Click OK to apply the changes, and check your Word document to make sure they've taken.