How to Turn on the Wireless Connection on My HP Pavilion DV6000

By Jason Artman

Some configurations of the HP Pavilion DV6000 include an internal wireless adapter.
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The HP Pavilion DV6000 is a multimedia notebook computer pre-loaded with Windows Vista. The DV6000 can be purchased with an optional internal wireless adapter, allowing you to connect to wireless access points and use the Internet. Turn the internal wireless adapter of your HP Pavilion DV6000 on in order to connect to a wireless access point or router and begin browsing the Web.

Locate the plastic switch and LED light on the left side of the front of the Pavilion DV6000. If the LED light is blue, the wireless adapter is already on. If the light is orange, push the plastic switch to turn the wireless adapter on.

Click the circular Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the Windows Vista desktop, then click "Connect To." A list of nearly wireless access points is displayed. Next to the name of each access point is a series of green bars indicating the signal strength.

Double-click the name of a wireless access point to connect to it. If the network requires an encryption key to be entered, a prompt appears. Enter the encryption key to continue.

Open a Web browser when connected to the wireless access point to begin using the Internet.