How to Turn Off the Blue Light Circle on DirecTV HD DVR

By Dave Donovan

DirecTV's DVR (Digital Video Recorder) provides storage that allows subscribers to record their favorite shows. The DVR allows customers to watch shows at their leisure; it even enables them to fast-forward through commercials, pause a scene for a bathroom break and rewind. But one thing that many users of the DirecTV DVR wish it wouldn't do is blind them with its brilliant blue light circle, which is prominently displayed on the front center of the box. Fortunately, it only takes a few steps to turn off the blue light.

Step 1

Press the left and right arrows on either side of the blue circle of light, which is located in the middle on the front of the DVR box. Press both buttons at the same time. This will dim the blue circle of light.

Step 2

Press the arrows simultaneously three more times and the blue light should turn off.

Step 3

Press the arrows at the same time once again and the blue light will turn back on.