How to Turn on a Chicony 2.0 USB Camera

By Alan Temple

Chicony manufacture webcams.
i webcam image by Régis Verger from

The Chicony USB 2.0 Webcam is a video and still-shot camera which is built in to several models of laptops--most commonly Toshiba laptops. Running the camera program should be a simple case of finding the camera in your programs list and launching it, but there are known errors which can cause an error telling you to "turn on the camera." In which case using the webcam may prove a more convoluted process.

Enter the "Start" menu and click on "Programs" or "All Programs" to bring up a list of all the executable programs present on your system.

Navigate to "Chicony USB 2.0 Webcam" in the list of programs. Click on this folder to gain access to the webcam.

Click on "Start Camera" to launch the webcam.

Re-install the driver for the webcam if you receive the error: ""Please turn on the Camera." You can do this by clicking the "Start" button then clicking through "Control Panel," "System and Maintenance" and then "Device Manager." Now right-click "Chicony USB 2.0 Camera" and choose "Update Driver Software." Select "Browse my computer for the driver software" and then click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer." Select "USB Video Device" and click "Next" before following the instructions on screen.

Restart your Windows system to allow the changes to fully take effect.

Now repeat steps one, two and three and your integrated camera will be working.