How to Tune a Sony Trinitron

by Adrian Grahams
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After installing a new Sony Trinitron TV set and connecting the device to an antenna, you will need to tune the set before you can view all available digital-television stations. Tuning an existing Sony Trinitron TV set will update the channel line-up with any changes as old stations stop broadcasting or change frequency and new stations come on-air. Sony Trinitron sets include an automatic tuning feature that you can access from the remote control handset to scan for channels and add them to the TV's integrated electronic program guide.

Step 1

Power on the Sony Trinitron to open the Initial Setup screen on a newly-installed TV set.

Step 2

Press the "CH+" key on the Sony Trinitron's remote control handset to launch the Auto Program function.

Step 3

Wait for up to 50 minutes for the TV set to automatically scan all available digital television channels and display found stations on the screen with the lowest-numbered channels at the top of the list. By default, the Trinitron's electronic program guide will now display all available channels. Follow the next steps if you want to program the set with your favorite digital channels.

Step 4

Push the “Menu” key on the remote control. Using the directional arrow keys on the remote control, scroll to the "Digital Channels" menu item and press the "+" button to select this option.

Step 5

Select "Favorites" in the Digital Channels menu.

Step 6

Scroll down the channel list with the remote control's directional keys. Press the "+" key to highlight and select each station that you want to add to your favorites list.

Step 7

Enter your preferred channel numbers for selected stations with the remote control unit's numeric keys. Push the "+" button again to assign the favorite station to the entered channel number. Repeat this process for each station that you want to assign to a channel number.

Press the "Exit" button to close the menus and return to the TV set.


  • If you have a cable or satellite television set-top receiver connected to the Sony Trinitron, you must switch the set to cable mode by selecting the "On" setting next to "Cable" in the setup menu.


  • After tuning the set and saving your favorite channels, press the "Guide" button on the remote control to launch the Trinitron's electronic program guide and select the station that you want to view.
  • The Initial Setup screen won't display on an existing TV set that has already been tuned. Instead, press the "Menu" button on the remote control and select "Auto Program" to retune the set.


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