How to Tune a Panasonic TV

By Amanda Kondolojy

A TV Tower
i Wikimedia, Public Domain

If you have just purchased a Panasonic TV and have plugged it in to a wall outlet, you may be surprised when you power it on, as all you will see is static! However, tuning your TV is a very simple process, and only takes a few minutes to do. Once your TV is tuned, you will be able to enjoy all the channels that are available for your current location (or on your current cable plan) very easily.

Hook your TV up to a cable TV cord. Even if you have not signed up for cable service, you will need to plug in the cable cord to receive digital signals.

Power on your TV and then go to the options menu using the remote control or the buttons on the side of the TV.

Go to the "Channel Search" option. Once you select it, your TV set will begin the tuning process. You will see each channel flash briefly while your TV's receiver locates the signal. Once finished, the TV will ask if you want to try the channel search again. Press on the "Cancel" option and exit the TV tuning utility.