Tumblr Advantages

By Geoff Whiting

Tumblr allows you to share all of your interests with the world.
i Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Tumblr is one of the most visual-based social media sites on the Web. While it supports written content, it is mostly used to distribute and promote images and video. Creating a Tumblr account for yourself or your business offers many benefits for building your brand and finding like-minded people, and the service itself makes it easy to share your favorite content.

Finding, Sharing Great Content

Tumblr departs from most other social media channels because it focuses more on sharing content around specific topics than sharing the everyday thoughts and opinions of a particular user. Sharing compelling content will help you develop a following. If you're running a Tumblr for your business, you can then pitch products to that following; if you have a personal account, your following represents a great set of other Tumblr users to look at for finding content you’d enjoy. If you have multiple interests, you can create a blog for each under the same Tumblr account, developing a content base for each while keeping interests separate.

Categories Abound

Tumblr relies on a tagging system that categorizes blogs and posts into many topics, such as technology, art, education, fashion and animals. Tags can be clicked by users to reach the content they want around a specific category. Using tags on posts can help drive traffic to your posts and potentially your business or other personal site. Tumblr’s dashboard also provides you with suggested categories similar to Tumblr sites and posts you’ve looked at, giving you a convenient source for new content.

Easy Peasy Development

Tumblr’s platform also has the advantage of being very customizable while still easy to create. After choosing a Tumblr theme, you’re given many options to change colors and effects; you can also add advertisements and create a custom domain. Tumblr walks you through all of these steps and provides ad-platform support. Tumblr vets and approves of the themes it offers, so there are few compatibility issues. It also provides the code for its themes, allowing advanced developers to completely customize the look and feel of a theme.

Multitude of Mobile Support

Another advantage to Tumblr is the ability it gives you to upload posts through a variety of means, including emails, text messages and even phone calls. Tumblr provides you with a unique email address; by sending an email or a text message to this email address, you can update your blog. If you want to provide just an audio post, you can call Tumblr at 1-866-584-6757 and leave a message directly from your phone.