Trutech TV Problems

By Fred Flanders

The TruTech brand of televisions and electronic devices is a consumer line developed for sale nationally in Target stores. There are a number of known problems associated with TruTech television units.

Bad Picture

Problems with a bad picture, including snow on the screen, multiple images, distortion and blurriness, have been reported by a number of TruTech television owners. TruTech recommends that television owners who have this problem use the menu on the television to reset the unit's settings by choosing the "Restore Settings" option. Checking the cable connections running to and from the television is also advised if the problem persists.

Speaker Noise

Interference from other electronic devices can cause a humming or other noise to come from the speakers of a TruTech television. TruTech television owners should ensure there is no interference coming from nearby devices by removing any object that produces electromagnetic interference. This problem can also occur when connector cables running to and from the device are connected improperly.

Nonworking Remote

One problem that has been reported by a number of TruTech television owners is that the remote control often does not work with the television device. This can occur when the wrong remote code has been entered, there are obstructions between the television and the remote or the remote itself requires a battery replacement.