Troubleshooting a Sony Cybershot

by Stephen Lilley


One problem that is not altogether uncommon in Sony cameras is the lens on the front of the device failing to properly extend. As opposed to other cameras where the lens either comes out all the way or not at all, on a Cybershot sometimes it comes out only a certain portion of the way and then stops. More often than not, this is caused by weak batteries. Either change the batteries (or charge your ion battery, depending on the model), then switch the camera on and off. This will take care of the problem.


A problem that can unfortunately be quite pricey has to do with the screen: you turn on your camera and see a white display screen--no menu, no options. This can be caused by the tiny cable that travels from the screen to the computer on the inside of the camera becoming disconnected or faulty. This is not something you should try to fix yourself, since opening up the camera without the proper tools will almost guarantee that the camera will not work again. If the device is still under the manufacturer's warranty, call Sony to see if you can switch it for a new one. If not, take it to a camera repair shop, but expect to pay a lot. The screens tend to cost around $50, with labor ranging from $200 to $250 in some places due to the difficulty of the repair.

Resetting the Camera

Certain problems with the menu interface or the general software portion of the camera can be fixed simply by resetting the camera. This can be done by holding down the "Delete," "LCD Power" and "Menu" buttons on your camera simultaneously while turning on the camera. This will cause the camera to clear its internal memory, which can be necessary to do from time to time to maintain the functionality of your device.

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