Troubleshooting for a Mitsubishi WD-60735 DLP

By Orlando Bogue

Find and fix the problems with your Mitsubishi TV.
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Digital light projection televisions are affordable quality options in relation to other high-definition options. Mitsubishi is a pioneer in DLP technology and provides a consistent line of televisions including the WD-60735 model. This 60-inch model, like most other consumer electronic devices, can have technical issues. Identify the problems with your Mitsubishi WD-60735 and correct them yourself. Repair shops can be pricey and unnecessary for certain problems that can be repaired by using the right tools and information.

Step 1

Disconnect all video devices and firmly reconnect the video cables to the desired inputs. If the wrong inputs are selected or the cable isn’t connected correctly, the video signal will not display on the screen. Some cables can become frayed and the connectors can become defective over time, and they will need to be changed.

Step 2

Ensure the audio cables are in the right inputs in relation to the video inputs. Check that the composite audio cables are firmly connected between the devices and the television. If the cables are damaged, they need to be replaced as they will distort sound quality. Check the speaker settings in the television menu as Mitsubishi allows them to be independent of the volume controls in most models.

Step 3

Adjust the picture settings by toggling the brightness, the contrast and the color temperature. When originally powered up, most televisions are preset on their brightest level to show better on a sales floor, but will not show as well in your living room. Also if the brightness level is too high, it will lower the life cycle of your DLP projection bulb. DLP televisions also have a more narrow viewing area than other high-definition technologies so your seating area may need to be adjusted to fit the viewing area.

Step 4

If the Mitsubishi WD-60735 does not power on, make sure that the television is securely plugged into an active power outlet and securely connected to the rear of the television. If a surge protector is in place, then ensure that it is powered on and connected to an outlet. If the projection bulb has reached the end of its life cycle, then the television will not power on. The bulb will need to be replaced to allow the television to power back on.