Troubleshooting a Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TG2431 Battery That Is Not Charging

By Qyou Stoval

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You may experience low quality or short phone conversations if the battery for your Panasonic cordless phone is not charging. Sometimes the trouble may not have anything to do with the phone, but with the type of battery you purchased. Make sure you only purchase compatible batteries for Panasonic devices. If you exhaust all the steps in troubleshooting the battery with no resolution to your problem, the issue may be with the telephone wiring and you should contact Panasonic or your retailer.

Step 1

Clean the components that are in contact with the battery. Clean the charger, base unit and handset using a soft, dry cloth. Clean the components once per month, and even more if you are in areas where the cordless phone is exposed to dirt, dust and humidity.

Step 2

Recharge the phone for approximately six hours.

Step 3

If you clean the components and recharge the phone for six hours, and it is still not getting a full charge, then the battery needs to be replaced. Purchase a battery at your local RadioShack or electronics store. Batteries need to be replaced based on how often the phone is used. The replacement battery for your Panasonic phone can cost approximately $15.95 as of September 2010.