Troubleshooting a Kodak Easyshare Camera

by Daniel Barrows

The Kodak Easyshare line of digital cameras is designed for consumers of a beginner-to-intermediate level of skill. While using your Easyshare camera, you may encounter problems involving the camera's battery, picture quality, connectivity and memory storage. You may be able to solve or minimize the impact of these problems with a few simple steps.

Battery Life

Some problems commonly experienced with the Kodak Easyshare result from the use of a dead, malfunctioning or incompatible battery module. If the lens refuses to retract or the camera's controls cease to operate, remove the module and clean the metal contacts. Dirt and debris can interfere with the battery's ability to function); reinsert the battery, taking care to confirm that it is properly seated. You can often extend the lifespan of your battery by limiting your use of the camera's flash, reducing the brightness of the LCD display and disabling any additional features, such as Wi-Fi capability.

Picture Quality

If you are dissatisfied with your pictures, first confirm that your camera is set to the proper mode for the type of picture you are trying to take. Easyshare cameras come with a variety of preset modes designed for use with certain subject types, compositions and lightings. Using the wrong mode may result in a dull, washed out or blurry image. You can access the scene settings by using the mode dial (or button, depending on the type of Easyshare camera) to select the "Scene" menu; use the arrow buttons to select the appropriate mode. When using the camera's flash, be sure to allow some distance (at least two feet) between yourself and your subject; otherwise, your image may appear excessively light.

Connection Problems

If you have difficulty transferring pictures from the camera to your computer, first check the USB cable to confirm that both plugs are fully seated. If this fails to resolve the problem, disconnect the camera and exit any currently active applications before reconnecting, as these may cause conflicts with the Easyshare software. As a last resort, remove the Easyshare software and perform a clean installation; you may wish to download an installer directly from the Kodak website (see Resources below), as these may be more up-to-date than the version that came on the installation CD.

Low Memory

Depending on the size of the installed memory card, you may find yourself running out of storage space more quickly than desired. One way to address this problem is to adjust the settings for default picture size. If you are planning to print your images out at a high-resolution, you may need to keep these settings at the highest level; however, if you only intend to share your pictures via email or webpage, using a lower resolution will usually produce an acceptable result. To lower the picture size setting, press the "Menu" button and use the arrow buttons to access the appropriate entry.

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