Troubleshooting the Install of Rosetta Stone

By Sean Mann

Troubleshoot your Rosetta Stone installation problems or you won't be able to continue onward and run the software program. Rosetta Stone software utilizes a combination of text, audio and images to teach you a foreign language. The software aims to teach you without drills or translations, focusing on an intuitive technique called "Dynamic Immersion Method." Common installation problems include not meeting the minimum requirements, not installing the program with administrator rights and having conflicts with your system's security software.

Step 1

Install Rosetta Stone on Windows 7 and Vista with administrator rights by right-clicking the "Setup" file and choosing "Run as Administrator." Without administrator rights Rosetta Stone won't be able to write files to the hard drive.

Step 2

Click "English" and "OK" on the installation screen asking for which language to install the program. This corresponds to the language the instructions and menus will be in, as opposed to the language you want to learn.

Step 3

Check your system properties to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for Rosetta Stone. You need a minimum of 600 MB of free hard drive space per Rosetta Stone version 4 level. You also need a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, broadband Internet, 1024 by 768 resolution and a 1 GHz processor.

Step 4

Clean your CD with alcohol and a soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Run the installation program again.

Step 5

Disable your firewall, anti-virus and any other security programs running on your computer that may block or interfere with the Rosetta Stone installation.