Troubleshooting an Apex DVD Player

By Stephen Lilley

Troubleshooting an Apex DVD Player
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Apex, a California based electronics manufacturer, has had a long-standing history of producing quality products at affordable prices. However, as with anything electronic, users may still run into some problems from time to time. Before you get frustrated when your Apex DVD player gives you trouble and throw it out the window, troubleshoot the problem to make sure it isn't an easy fix.

Determine if your DVD player is providing you with any kind of picture at all. If your player is plugged in and you can't see anything on your TV, check to make sure it is hooked up correctly. The audio/video outputs on the back of the TV are color coded, so a red component cable should be plugged into a red slot on both the TV and the DVD player. If you are still having a problem, hit the button labelled "I/P" on your remote control. This will change the video setting from "Progressive" to "Interlaced." If you are in one of the settings that your television can't support or isn't hooked up for, that would explain why you aren't getting any picture.

Look and see if you are experiencing what is called "picture scrolling." This is when a picture is visible but is moving up and down the screen. If you are having this problem, hit the button labeled "P/N" on your remote control. This switches the type of video signal from "PAL", which is the format of Europe and Asia, to "NTSC", the format of the United States. As a TV purchased in America wouldn't be able to properly display a PAL signal, this would fix any picture scrolling you may encounter.

Find out if you are having trouble using the karaoke feature standard on Apex DVD players. If you are trying to sing some karaoke but the DVD player is being uncooperative, see if everything is set up properly. Press "Setup" on the DVD remote and then navigate to "Karaoke Setup" and activate the feature. Also, make sure you are using the proper karaoke-specific microphones and are using karaoke DVDs and not CDs, which are not supported.