How to Troubleshoot a Zenith TV

by Patrick Nelson

Zenith has made electronics for sale in the United States since 1918. It started by manufacturing radios and became an industry leader when it sold TVs with remote controls and push-button radios. According to its website, Zenith also created the first HDTV system. We know and love the familiar red Z-shaped logo today on the TVs that we see in motel rooms and bars--even the swankest five-star hotel. Zenith is now owned by LG Electronics.

Check to see if there's power. Make sure the power cord is plug into the outlet firmly and that the TV is turned "On." Check that there are batteries in the remote control.

Try another channel if the picture is bad or if there is no picture. You can also check to see the antenna is connected.

Check for interference which can cause picture problems. Switch everything off in the vicinity and, using the process of elimination, turn the components back on--one by one--to see what may be causing the bad picture.

Adjust the antenna. Move it around a bit. Try to get the antenna up high and away from metal objects. Try placing the antenna nearer a window.

Re-tune the programming using "Auto Program."

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