How to Troubleshoot the zBoost YX510 (4 Steps)

By Kefa Olang

zBoost YX510 is a signal booster that may boost and help improve cellphone signals, PDAs and wireless data cards, especially in areas with fewer towers and weak connections. The signal boosters are compatible with U.S. cellphone and wireless carriers. Signal problems are usually caused by improper setups, software errors and improper installation locations. A few troubleshooting guidelines may help improve signal strength.

Step 1

Unplug the power for 5 seconds, and then reconnect it if the power light is flashing green. When the power light flashes green, it means the base unit has detected a software error. In normal operations, the power light will cycle red and green for 3 seconds before turning solid green.

Step 2

Move the signal antenna and base unit farther apart to achieve maximum coverage and performance if the install light is flashing red or solid. This usually happens when there is insufficient distance between the signal antenna and the base unit. When this happens, indoor coverage is reduced, and the signal weakens.

Step 3

Move the signal antenna to a different location, preferably indoors if the power light is solid orange or if the signal and install lights turn red. This happens if the signal received from the cell tower is too strong. If the signal is still overpowering, turn off the zBoost YX510 for at least 10 seconds, and then turn it back on.

Step 4

Check the setup if the power light is flashing orange or green. If the install and signal lights are also flashing red, there's a chance the system is receiving signals from the cellphone or tower that are too strong for normal functionality. Reset the system by turning off the power for at least 10 seconds, and then turning it back on.