How to Troubleshoot a Wurlitzer Jukebox

by Chyrene Pendleton
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Some Wurlitzer jukebox models include The Princess, the Digital Princess and the Peacock, but the One More Time CD jukebox, which features chrome details, changing colors, glitter, light and sound, represents the most famous of the Wurlitzer models. The One More Time jukebox is a replica of the Wurlitzer 1015 model from 1946. If you encounter problems while operating a Wurlitzer jukebox, troubleshooting can help you resolve the issue in a brief period of time, allowing you and others to enjoy more music with less delay.

Step 1

Check to see if you made a jukebox CD selection higher than the Wurlitzer model's programming will allow if the display flashes, which indicates your selection was invalid.

Step 2

Press the "Preset" button at the control terminal if you do not notice a difference after changing the DIP-switch settings while operating the jukebox. Change the DIP-switch settings to set the bass and treble values. Your new settings take effect only after pressing "Preset." Locate the control terminal and "Preset" button on the rear side of the Wurlitzer jukebox, next to the power cable.

Step 3

Check to see if you have the Back Ground Music (BGM) activated if the Playstimulator will not operate. When programmed, the Playstimulator plays random CD tracks in normal volume and is immediately interrupted when someone selects a CD. BGM also plays random CD tracks when no one has made a selection, but at a lower volume.

Step 4

Press the last row of buttons on the front of the jukebox to turn the entire motorbook forward one time and backward one time if you notice the motorbook not turning properly. The Wurlitzer jukebox has a motorbook, a motor-driven paging system for CD title cards. The motorbook pages may not turn properly in the beginning when you first unpack the jukebox or if you turn the pages by hand, although you can turn the pages by hand if necessary without causing any damage to the motor drive.

Replace the batteries in the remote control for your jukebox if your remote no longer works. Move the battery cover at the back of the remote down to open the battery compartment. Insert four, fresh LR03 alkaline AAA batteries, matching the negative and positive polarities as diagrammed. Close the compartment.


  • Step 2: Dual In-line Package (DIP) switches are small on-off switches found on computer devices used to help design a system, in this case the Wurlitzer jukebox. Use your finger, finger nail or small screwdriver to adjust the DIP switches. Avoid using pencils to make DIP-switch adjustments, since pencil residue can cause damage to the system.
  • Remove dust from the disc surfaces by using a soft, lint-free cloth soaked in a solution of a mild detergent, such as dish soap, and water. Wipe across the disc from the inside to the outside, rather than in a circular motion. Do not use cleaners containing solvents, or use static or record cleaning spray.
  • Clean the laser lens of the jukebox with a cotton swab dipped in a special lens solution or in 25 percent isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). Move the swab up and down only and ensure the solution does not run into the focus unit.


  • Never touch the surface of a CD since fingerprints can cause skipping or jumping.

Items you will need

  • 4 LR03 alkaline AAA batteries

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