How to Troubleshoot A Wireless Card On Your Laptop

by braniac

A wireless card allows your laptop to access a wireless network at your home office or at your local bookstore or coffee shop. Wireless cards use to be a separate accessory for your laptop; however now a days most laptops have wireless cards built into them as a standard configuration. Generally they work straight out of the box however there are times that your laptop will not pick up wireless network. This article will help you troubleshoot some of the most common wireless card problems.

NO NETWORK KEY Most public wifi or hotspots do not need any type of key to connect however connecting to a secured wifi connection is another story. If you notice that your wireless card is connected but connectivity is limited, then you might be trying to access a wifi network that is protected with a password. Get the password and you will gain access.

WIRELESS MANUALLY DISABLED Sometimes the built in wireless card has not been enabled, meaning it was not turned on or was turned off by mistake with the keyboard function key. This key is located on your keyboard and is usually labeled in blue, it allows the user to manually turn off the wireless card even though the wireless is enabled, by pressing the fn key in conjunction with the key that is labled for wireless, the wireless card can be disabled or enabled this way sometimes by accident.

CHECK YOUR WIRELESS CARD DRIVER Just because you have a wireless card does not mean the drivers are installed. The driver is software that enables your wireless card to talk to your computer. No drivers no access. To check your wireless card to see if the drivers were installed, look in your device settings for your laptop. On most windows machines you can access it, by right clicking my computer, clicking on manage, then clicking on device manager and then opening up network adaptors. If your wireless card has a yellow question mark on it that means the drivers were never installed. Find the drivers by googling the make and model of your laptop wireless card download the driver and install the driver and that should solve your problem.