How to Troubleshoot Windstream

by Vivek Saxena

Windstream Communications provides telephone, cable and Internet services to customers in 29 states. Telephone and cable troubleshooting requires calling for service at 866-445-5880, but Internet-related troubleshooting can typically be accomplished right at home, especially if the problem or problems you are encountering are related to your SpeedStream router or your Windstream settings.


Verify that one end of the power cord is securely plugged into the back of the router and that the other end is plugged into an active AC wall or power-strip outlet if the power LED has no color.


Ensure that the DSL cable is plugged into the correct router port if the DSL LED is not lit, as this means the router is not detecting a signal from the central office.


Check the Ethernet cable from the router to your computer if the eNet LED is not lit. This indicates that the cable isn't securely connected, you are using the wrong type of cable or the Ethernet card on your computer is dead.


Contact Windstream's technical support department at 866-445-0978 if the power LED remains red after the router powers up, as this means its POST cycle has failed.


Visit this URL ( and click the "Opt Out Of This Service" button in the bottom-right of the page if you want to opt out of Windstream's error direct service, which redirects search engine results if it perceives a possible error.

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