How to Troubleshoot IBM Wheelwriter 6 Series II

By Nina Nixon

Blinking lights on the IBM Wheelwriter 6 Series II signal battery failure, full storage capacity, printwheel malfunction and other basic problems. Beeper sounds mean that something is wrong with the typewriter. Most issues that come about are easy to solve if you know where to look. Learning how to read the Wheelwriter's lights and sounds correctly can make your troubleshooting and repair tasks less cumbersome. Use a systematic approach that starts with looking at how the machine is powered up.

Remove other appliances from the typewriter's wall outlet and surrounding area. Turn on the typewriter. Alternatively, plug the typewriter into another wall outlet.

Check typewriter-to-extension cord connections, if used.

Check the batteries if the "Line Space" lights continually blink. They could be weak, dead or installed incorrectly. Ensure that the wire plug for the battery holder is plugged in completely.

Press the "Del" key and storage area number you want to erase if the "Store Light" blinks. You can continue to type after you allocate more room for storage. Alternatively, press "Store" to stop storing data and continue to type.

Check the correction tape cassettes, ribbon and printwheel installation if at least one light blinks and the typewriter beeps six times.

Turn off the typewriter and then wait at least 45 seconds.

Turn on the typewriter and if blinking lights appear and beeper signals six times again, replace the printwheel. If the problem is not resolved, call for service in your local area.