How to Troubleshoot a Westinghouse Monitor

By Stephen Lilley

If you have developed problems with your Westinghouse brand computer monitor, these problems could be coming from a few different areas. For starters, the monitor may be configured incorrectly within the Windows operating system. Likewise, the monitor itself has an on-board menu system that lets you adjust settings. Finally, the cable used to connect the monitor to your computer could also have gone bad and need to be replaced.

Right-click on your desktop and click "Screen Resolution." The window that opens will show you all of the settings that Windows is using to output video information to your Westinghouse computer monitor. Verify that the options in this window are reflecting your intended selections. For example, the information listed under "Resolution" should be set to whatever the recommended resolution is for your specific model of Westinghouse monitor (which can be found in its instruction manual).

Press "Menu" on the front of your Westinghouse monitor. This will bring up a menu on screen that shows you all of the settings your monitor is using to display the video information it is receiving from Windows. Advance through the different sections of this menu, checking the currently used settings along the way. You can also use the "Reset" option to restore the monitor to its original settings, which should fix most problems you've been having.

Replace the video cable you've been using to connect your Westinghouse monitor with your computer. You will either be using a blue VGA cable or a white DVI cable. If the cable has started to fail, the images on your monitor will begin to degrade in quality. Purchase a replacement cable at an electronics retailer and connect your monitor to your computer using this new cable.