How to Troubleshoot a Verizon Phone That Just Shows the Verizon Screen

By Si Kingston

Unfreeze your HTC Touch and start talking again.
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A Verizon Wireless handset that will not move past the initial Verizon start-up screen is frozen. Phones typically freeze because of a hard disk error. This problem can be fixed by performing a soft or hard reset, or infusing a simple jolt of energy from the power outlet. A soft reset recovers the phone from conflicts within the memory and system lockups. A hard reset restores the device's default settings, removing any present data or software that could be causing the conflict. A hard reset will also remove all of your personal data such as contacts and images.

Step 1

Perform a soft reset. Slide off the battery cover and take out the battery for several seconds. With some phones you insert the tip of a stylus into the reset hole until it restarts on its own. Replace the battery and cover. Press the power button to restart the phone, if applicable.

Step 2

Turn off the phone and plug it into the power outlet. Disconnect the phone from the charger as soon as the battery indicator LED lights up. Power on the phone to see if it unfreezes.

Step 3

Perform a hard reset on the Verizon phone. A hard reset will restore the phone to factory settings, and remove all new data and contacts. The instructions to perform a hard reset vary with the phone model. To reset a Verizon HTC Diamond, for example, turn off the phone. Hold down both Volume Down and Enter keys, and press the Reset button with the stylus pen. Release the reset button. When a warning message appears, release the volume key, and press the volume up key to perform the reset. Some phones, such as the Nokia, require a reset code (e.g., Power + * + 3).