How to Troubleshoot TV Antenna Problems

By Kay Ireland

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If you still use an antenna to receive your television channels, you know frustrating it can be when you get bad reception and nothing seems to fix it. TV antennas are notoriously unreliable and need frequent repositioning and troubleshooting to get good reception. If you notice that your reception isn't as good as it used to be, or you're noticing other problems with your TV antenna, there are a few ways to recognize the problem so you can fix it.

Step 1

Check your TV's reception. If you notice that you have reception, but it is a little grainy or you are catching some audio feedback, you may just need to reposition the antenna ears. The most effective way is to point the antennae toward the nearest window for the best picture.

Step 2

If you notice that your picture is more than grainy, but more snowy, or you're losing the color from your picture, try moving the television and the antenna to a new location int he home. In general, the upper floors are a better position than the basement or first floor.

Step 3

If you lose picture altogether, check the cable that runs from the antenna into the back of your television. It may have been knocked or come loose in the course of moving.

Step 4

If the picture you're receiving seems weak or unstable, try adding an amplifier to your antenna. It can be purchased at any electronics store, and simply attaches to the antenna to provide a better, stronger picture.

Step 5

Notice what the weather is like. If you're using an antenna, have checked all of the above steps and still aren't getting a good signal, there's a good chance it's because of inclement weather outside. Snow, rain and wind can all adversely affect your antenna's signal, so it's best to wait it out until you try adjusting the antenna again.