How to Troubleshoot Speaker Problems on the Nook Color

By Mindi Orth

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader has audio capabilities that include playing music files, notification alerts and other audio files. Often, adjusting the Nook Color’s sound settings can resolve any audio problem that may arise when listening to these files. Occasionally, additional troubleshooting, including resetting the device and updating the software, may be necessary. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Barnes & Noble for additional support.

Step 1

Confirm that the Nook Color speaker volume is not muted. Open the Settings screen and tap “Sounds” from the available options. If the Mute option has a check beside it, tap the checkbox to deselect this option.

Step 2

Adjust the audio settings by increasing or decreasing the volume. Open the Settings screen and tap “Sounds” from the available options. Tap “Media Volume” and drag the slider to the desired volume level. A sound plays to indicate the current volume. Then tap “OK” to return to the Sounds Settings screen. Tap “Notification Volume” to configure the volume for system notifications such as a low battery warning. Drag the slider until the sample sound plays at the desired volume level, then tap “OK.”

Step 3

Reset the Nook Color by pressing down the power button and holding it for 20 seconds. Release the power button and then press and hold it for two seconds to turn on the device. If the audio plays after the reset but stops playing once it wakes from sleep mode, this may indicate a software or hardware problem.

Install the current software update on your Nook Color. Updates automatically install using the Wi-Fi connection. Turn on the Wi-Fi and allow the update to install or download the update to your computer and follow the instructions for manual installation. If the problem persists, contact Barnes & Noble.