How to Troubleshoot the Sitronix Multimedia Photo Viewer

By Suvro Banerji

The Sitronix multimedia photo viewer, also known as the S-Viewer, is a key-chain sized USB device that you can use to view photos. It offers you a 0.95-inch to 3.2-inch display size screen. You may also use this device to store multimedia photos. Occasionally, you may encounter issues with your S-Viewer, such as the device not powering up or not being able to display the photos properly. You may follow certain troubleshooting techniques to resolve such issues.

Step 1

Restart your Sitronix multimedia photo viewer. Push the power button until the device turns off. Wait for a few seconds and push the power button to turn it back on. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve any issues that you may encounter while operating the photo viewer.

Step 2

Use a different USB port (if available) on your computer to connect the Sitronix multimedia photo viewer. Sometimes the problem may originate from your computer's USB port and not necessarily the Sitronix unit.

Step 3

Update device drivers for your Sitronix multimedia photo viewer. Click the "Start" menu and type "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) in the search bar. Press "Enter" to launch the Device Manager. Scroll down the list and double-click "Universal Serial Bus controllers." Find the entry for your Sitronix device. Right-click and select "Update Driver Software..." Follow the onscreen prompts to complete installing updated drivers on your computer. The Sitronix device may not function properly if your computer has outdated device drivers.

Step 4

Use Driver Genius (see Resources) to scan and locate missing Sitronix multimedia USB device drivers. Your Sitronix will not function properly if there are missing device drivers. Click the "Download Now" button and choose "Run..." when the download dialog box appears. This will initiate the installation process. Launch the program when the installation is complete. Click "Scan" to locate missing Sitronix drivers. Once the scanning is complete, the software will start downloading the missing drivers automatically on your computer.