How to Troubleshoot the Color on a Sharp 42 Flat Screen

By Orlando Bogue

Fix your video issues yourself.
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Flat screen televisions are popular consumer electronics with very flexible uses. They can be utilized as televisions as well as computer monitors and can be placed on walls or table tops. Due to their popularity they are mass produced to keep up with demand. One of the biggest flat panel manufacturers is Sharp, which provides many different sizes including 42 inch models. Due to mass production, they can have defects or problems including problems with the color quality. It is possible to remedy this issue from home without the need for a repair specialist.

How to Troubleshoot the Color on a Sharp 42 Flat Screen

Disconnect all devices attached to the television and turn it off. Turn it back on and reconnect the devices securely to their inputs. Test the devices one at a time to verify if the issue has to do with the devices or the inputs. Also adjust the picture mode settings on the devices and ensure the component cables are plugged into the right inputs.

If any device is connected by component cables, one defective plug could distort the color quality. The component cables separate the signals into three colors (red, green and blue) and if the plug is defective then any color could be missing from the picture. Try substituting the component video cable in case it has been damaged or become defective.

Adjust the settings on the television by accessing the menu. Televisions are set at overly bright settings for showroom purposes and need to be adjusted for your home. Toggle the picture tone and also the color temperature. Adjust the settings based on your viewing angle and distance to find the right combination. A video calibration DVD can be used to adjust the television color quality.

Adjust the lighting in the room or viewing area if possible. The type of lighting can also affect the way the picture quality is shown on the screen. A dimmer area is better for the picture quality.